This is what my customers say

Maiju worked as a Finnish language trainer through us for more than two years between 2021–2023. She provided online training for doctors in Helsinki hospitals.

The cooperation with Maiju was always smooth and reliable and she handled all the tasks of the trainer professionally.

Participants found her distance learning sessions engaging and that they received precise training on their professional language situations.

I can warmly recommend Maiju for similar tasks.

Selja Saarialho
Business Area Lead, Education
University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+



As a project management consultant in the tech sector and an active actor, my journey to learning Finnish since moving to Helsinki in 2016 has been an inconsistent one.

I have tried a variety of resources that have not been suited to my needs and have needed much more structure and personalized help, especially after making the decision to commit to permanent life in Finland.

A former colleague referred me to Maiju for 1-on-1 teaching and in one year alone, I have seen an immense change in my ability to comprehend, speak, and write in Finnish.

Maiju invested the time to understand where I was at and adjusted our approach to weekly lessons so that we are simultaneously pushing the limits of what I'm able to express from the bits and pieces of Finnish that I've collected over the years while firming up the foundation that comes from following a tried-and-true textbook & classroom based approach.

I couldn't be happier, and to put it simply, Maiju has given me the gift of seeing that there is a future for me as an integrated citizen of Suomi. Kiitos paljon, Maiju!

Salvador Esparza
CEO of Advocate Consulting Oy

Our foreign geologists have been learning Finnish under Maiju’s guidance for about a year and a half, and the progress has been amazing!

Learners with different levels of language proficiency have studied in the same group, so individualised instruction seems to have worked well.

The lessons have included not only everyday language, but also vocabulary and expressions needed in our field, which shows Maiju’s willingness to focus on the individual needs of students.

According to colleagues, our geologists’ oral language skills have improved the most – especially the courage to use them!

Hannamari Pietilä
Administration Manager, Latitude 66 Cobalt Oy