A language teacher with an engineer’s mind

Foreign experts working in Finland often fall between two stools when it comes to language training. My mission is to fill this gap.

I have loved languages since I was a child. I studied five foreign languages in high school, and my dream was to become a Swedish language teacher.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked as a teacher for 11 years, teaching students from immigrant backgrounds in various educational institutions. My last job was as a teacher for asylum seekers at an adult education centre in 2016–2020.

My years at the adult education centre were my main path to entrepreneurship. I was given complete freedom to develop the best possible training programme.

I noticed a paradox. When given enough time, students learn better and even faster than in a normal educational environment, where there is often not enough time to learn in depth.  Deep learning takes time.

I realised that I could teach more effectively when there is no outside authority dictating the pace of my teaching. When my work with asylum seekers ended, I decided to become an entrepreneur.


Finnish language training for foreigners working in Finland

Foreigners working in Finland are often a marginalised group when it comes to language training. Society provides integration training for those who do not have a job. However, experts who get a permanent job must depend on their own initiative, and possibly that of their employer’s.

The teaching I offer aims to fill this void.

Private and small group online lessons are suitable for busy professionals who are motivated to learn Finnish and thus improve their quality of life.

People who have already lived in Finland for some time have often benefited most from my courses. They feel that it is difficult to integrate into Finnish society and culture if they use mainly English in their free time.

Through my teaching, many of my clients have finally understood the logic of the Finnish language and gained the courage to use Finnish at work and in their free time. Many have also achieved the grade they were aiming for in the National Certificates of Language Proficiency (YKI) test and have been granted Finnish citizenship.

Understanding the logic behind the language makes learning easier

The Finnish language is similar to mathematics in its logical order. There is a reason for everything.

My mathematical-logical, even “engineer-like” thinking, combined with my diverse linguistic background, sets me apart from many other teachers.

I don’t get anxious if you ask me to clarify something or explain why a rule is the way it is. I love explaining language!

My job is to explain to you why something is important. That’s how you learn better!