Course 3

Weather and time

In this course, we will learn how to talk about the weather and describe things, as well as practise asking for help and enrolling for a course. We will also practise the genitive and the pronunciation of double vowels.

This course is suitable for beginners who want to start from the basics.

Course content


  • Conjunctions and adverbs
    jo, vielä, ei vielä
    (already, yet, not yet)
  • Expressions
    Hieno juttu!
    (That’s great!)
    Kuulostaa hyvältä!
    (Sounds great!)
  • Adjectives
    hyvä huono, vaikea helppo
    bad, difficult easy)
  • Weather
    Aurinko paistaa.
    (The sun is shining.)
    On pakkasta.
    (It’s freezing.)
  • Seasons, times of day, months, days of the week
    talvella, aamulla, maanantaina
    (in winter, in the morning, on Monday)
  • Basic phrases
  • Enrolment for a course
  • Personal details


  • Genitive
    kenen, minun, Marian
    (whose, mine, Maria’s)
  • T-plural
    kirjat, ystävät, autot
    (books, friends, cars)
  • k-p-t variation in verb type 1
    kirjoitan, kirjoitat, kirjoittaa
    (I write, you write, s/he writes)


  • Pronunciation: two different vowels
    töissä, kaunis, köyhä, kieli
  • (at work, beautiful, poor, language)

After the course you will be able to

  • Describe things.
  • Talk about the weather and time.
  • Ask for help.
  • Enrol for a course.

Schedule and price

8x 90 min

1 - 2 people
1552 e + VAT

3 - 4 people
1712 e + VAT

5 - 6 people
1872 e + VAT

7 -8 people
2032 e + VAT