Course 7


In this course, we will learn to talk about travelling and modes of transportation, as well as useful phrases to use at a hotel reception. In terms grammar, we will study the past tense and review the k-p-t variation, among other things.

This course is suitable for students who have already studied the basics of Finnish for some time (courses 1–6).

Course content


  • Conjunctions and adverbs
    ehkä, jos, muuten
    (maybe, if, otherwise)
  • Common expressions used in conversation
    Kiva nähdä pitkästä aikaa!
    (Nice to see you again!)
    Kiitos mielelläni.
    (Thank you, with pleasure.)
  • Travel vocabulary and places in the city
    kirjasto, tori, rautatieasema
    (library, market, railway station)
  • Modes of transportation
  • Conversation at the hotel reception


  • Word types (words ending with e/nen/i)
    huone, huoneessa
    (room, in the room)
    hotelli, hotellissa
    (hotel, in the hotel)
  • Revision of consonant gradation
    (k-p-t variation)
    kauppa, kauppaan, kaupassa
    (store, to the store, in the store)
  • Demonstrative pronouns:
    tämä, tuo, se, täällä, tuolla, siellä
    (this, that, it, here, there, there)
  • Basics of past tense
    olin, tulin, menin
    (I was, I came, I went)

After the course you will be able to

  • Discuss travelling and modes of transportation.
  • Have a conversation at the hotel reception.

Schedule and price

9x 90 min

1 - 2 people
1746 e + VAT

3 - 4 people
1926 e + VAT

5 - 6 people
2106 e + VAT

7 -8 people
2286 e + VAT