Course 6


In this course, we will learn how to read housing advertisements, talk about our home, and make a call to the property maintenance company. We will also learn adjectives related to housing and other household vocabulary, as well as study the imperative mood.

This course is suitable for beginners who have already started studying the basics (courses 1–5).

Course content


  • Conjunctions and adverbs
    vaan, vain, vaikka
    (but, only, although)
  • Adjectives related to housing
    puhdas – likainen
    (clean – dirty)
    siisti – sotkuinen
    (tidy – messy)
  • Housing advertisement vocabulary
  • Household vocabulary
  • Demonstrative pronouns:
    tämä, tuo, se, nämä, nuo, ne
    (this, that, it, these, those, them)
  • Making a call to the property maintenance company


  • Location cases – mihin, missä, mistä?
    (to where, where, from where?)
  • Imperative
    Älä lue!
    (Do not read!)

After the course you will be able to

  • Read housing advertisements.
  • Talk about your home and housing.
  • Make a call to the property maintenance company.

Schedule and price

9x 90 min

1 - 2 people
1746 e + VAT

3 - 4 people
1926 e + VAT

5 - 6 people
2106 e + VAT

7 -8 people
2286 e + VAT