Course 8


In this course, we will talk about food and learn how to give and ask for directions. We will also practise phrases that you can use to express your opinion. In terms of grammar, we will practise the partitive and ordinal numbers, among other things.

This course is suitable for students who have already studied the basics of Finnish for some time.

Course content


  • Conjunctions and adverbs
    aina, siksi, kai
    (always, therefore, perhaps)
  • Expressions
    (Shall we?)
    Tehdään vaan!
    Niin on.
    (That’s true.)
    Niin minustakin.
    (I think so too.) 
  • Food and drinks
  • Food-related adjectives
    kypsä – raaka
    (cooked – raw)
    tulinen – mieto
    (spicy – mild)
  • Greetings and wishes
    Paljon onnea!
  • Giving and asking for directions


  • Partitive: uncountable nouns
    Juon kahvia.
    (I drink coffee.)
    Kahvi on kuumaa.
    (The coffee is hot.) 
  • Ordinal numbers
    ensimmäinen, toinen, kolmas
    (first, second, third)
  • Dates
    24. joulukuuta
    (24 December)
  • Postpositions
    ikkunan edessä
    (in front of the window)
    oven takana
    (behind the door)
  • Opinions
    Minusta jäätelö on hyvää.
    (I think ice cream is good.)
  • Taste and look
    maistuu hyvältä
    (tastes good)

After the course you will be able to

  • Talk about food.
  • Congratulate.
  • Express your opinion.
  • Give and ask for directions.

Schedule and price

9x 90 min

1 - 2 people
1746 e + VAT

3 - 4 people
1926 e + VAT

5 - 6 people
2106 e + VAT

7 -8 people
2286 e + VAT