Course 5

Daily activities

In this course, we will learn how to ask and tell what time it is and what time something happens. We will also practise telling others about our day and making an appointment. In terms of grammar, we will practise the most important verbs, and verb + verb and verb + partitive combinations.

This course is suitable for beginners who have already started studying the basics (courses 1–3).

Course content


  • Conjunctions and adverbs
    usein, yleensä, yhdessä
    (often, usually, together)
  • Time
    Mitä kello on?
    (What time is it?)
    Mihin aikaan? (
    At what time?)
  • Colloquial language
    Ooks sä?
    (Are you?)
    Oot sä?
    (Are you?)
  • Making an appointment
    Millon sulle sopii?
    (When is a good time for you?) 
  • Discussion at the breakfast table


  • Main verbs
  • Verb + verb
    En voi tulla tänään.
    (I can’t come today.)
    Haluan mennä.
    (I want to go.)
  • Verb + partitive
    Juon kahvia.
    (I drink coffee.)
    Syön pullaa.
    (I am eating a bun.)

After the course you will be able to

  • Ask and tell what time it is and what time something happens.
  • Tell others about your day.
  • Make an appointment.

Schedule and price

9x 90 min

1 - 2 people
1746 e + VAT

3 - 4 people
1926 e + VAT

5 - 6 people
2106 e + VAT

7 -8 people
2286 e + VAT