Would you like to crack the code to the Finnish language?

Do you feel left out because you don’t speak Finnish and it seems difficult to learn? Let me tell you a secret: Finnish is not a difficult language if you have the key to cracking the code. And I can give it to you.

My name is Maiju. I teach busy experts online in private lessons and in small groups.

My logically and clearly structured courses are especially suitable for coders who have been working in Finland for some time or have just come to work in Finland. I have also taught geologists and doctors with great success.

Through my teaching, my clients have understood the logic of the Finnish language and gained more courage to use it. Many of my students have achieved the grade they were aiming for in the National Certificates of Language Proficiency (YKI) test or the Civil Service Language Proficiency Certificate (VKT) test after my coaching.

Finnish is a wonderful language once you get the hang of it. Would you like to crack the code?

"Maiju has given me the gift of seeing that there is a future for me as an integrated citizen of Suomi. Kiitos paljon, Maiju!"

- Salvador Esparza, CEO of Advocate Consulting Oy

“The cooperation with Maiju was always smooth and reliable and she handled all the tasks of the trainer professionally. I can warmly recommend Maiju for similar tasks.”

- Selja Saarialho
Business Area Lead, HY+ Ltd

“Our foreign geologists have been learning Finnish under Maiju’s guidance for about a year and a half, and the progress has been amazing! According to colleagues, our geologists’ oral language skills have improved the most – especially the courage to use them!

- Hannamari Pietilä, Administration Manager, Latitude 66 Cobalt Oy

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