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Lovely Finnish

Welcome to study Finnish with me comfortably and easily over the internet. I offer both private lessons and courses for small groups.

Please let me know what kind of help you need with the Finnish language and I will help you to reach your goals.

Why Lovely Finnish?

Your time won’t be wasted in a big group where the teacher has to take care of all the students with their different needs. I have time just for you and all your questions. Just let me know where you need help or what you are interested in, and we will concentrate on that.

Study anywhere

Thanks to online studying you can practice Finnish wherever you live and are. You can study comfortably at your home or in your favorite park. You will avoid crowds, hurry and stress. During the corona time studying at home is a safe choice.

Study when it best suits for you

Perhaps you love studying early in the morning or maybe you prefer studying late in the evening. With a private teacher, most of the studying times you wish, are possible. I teach from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 10 PM Finnish time.